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Privacy Policy
PRnewslink is a newswire service for journalists which distributes press releases on behalf of PRmax users.

When a press release is submitted to PRnewslink we transmit the entire content of the release including any personal and company information contained within it to the associated media contacts and enable it to be included in Internet search engine search results. As a PRmax user who submits a press release to PRnewslink you are giving consent for the distribution of your information in this manner.

The PRnewslink web site contains links to other web sites. PRnewslink is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these sites. You are encouraged to check the privacy policy statements of other websites to understand their approach to privacy.

PRnewslink reserves the right to change its privacy policy. To keep up-to-date with PRnewslink policy, please revisit this page periodically.

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