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Board Announcement: Sally Eaves Appointed New CTO of Mindfit Ltd

April 3rd, 2017

Contact information:

Neville Gaunt 0207 148 6187
Sally Eaves 07973 492361



Board Announcement - Chief Technology Officer
Sally Eaves Appointed New CTO of Mind Fit Ltd

Mind Fit Ltd is a global leader in changing attitudes and behaviours to create permanent paradigm shifts in organisational performance which transforms people's lives. Mind Fit Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Sally Eaves in a newly created role as Chief Technology Officer with effect from today, April 3rd 2017.

"In preparation for launching a number of disruptive digital solutions later this year, we are delighted that Sally has agreed to join us and spearhead the programmes"Neville Gaunt, CEO of Mind Fit Ltd said. "Sally is a rare talent and has a personal passion and purpose aligned to my own to help young people develop the critical soft skills, such as confidence, courage, commitment, leadership and sales that will enhance their employment prospects and better prepare them for their future.

Her depth of experience in technology and extensive research into bridging the gap between education and business will be invaluable in delivering these ambitious developments. Our first digital offer is aimed at enhancing the personal development and employability skills of young people, to be followed by much needed solutions to benefit all age groups.

Sally's drive, skills and vision will accelerate our global expectations to deliver innovative digital solutions to the broadest market reach. This further aligns with our focus on addressing the global issue of poor workforce engagement from an unacceptably low level of 13%(Gallup engagement statistics)and by contrast, help organisations to cultivate strongly engaged and high-performance workplace cultures".

Newly appointed CTO, Sally Eaves said:

"Technology is integral to our everyday lives. But how often do we make do with what we are comfortable with, rather than push to exploit opportunities to improve the way we do things? Removing these blocks to optimal performance is a state of mind. Technology is and will continue to be primarily a mental challenge. It requires perseverance to understand and enhance the way we use existing technologies and creativity to recognise new possibilities and critically, make these a reality. This demands a ‘Can Do' mindset. I am therefore delighted to join the Mind Fit team which also strongly aligns with my long term commitment to support girls, women and other groups that need better representation in education and technology leadership positions."




Editors Notes About Sally Eaves:

Sally is recognised as a thought leader in emergent technology (Blockchain, VR/AR, AI), online media and navigating digital disruption to sustainably support business success, educational development and social impact.

She holds a number of directorships, undertakes bespoke consultancy projects and engages in innovative research and educational activity. Sally is also an international events speaker, an established author and has cultivated a highly engaged and cross-sector network both in person and across all leading social media channels.

As a member of Tech London Advocates, she strives to support technology start-ups in finding new talent and investment, achieving high growth and enhancing diversity in the sector.

Developing, mentoring and advocating projects that harness business and technology as a force for good is a long term passion. She has a specific interest in enhancing STEM / STEAM opportunities and career development for girls, women and other groups that are underrepresented in leadership and technology positions.

Sally is launching new initiatives and events to support intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, young global leaders and Women in Tech.

She is co-founder of the Women's Empowerment Festival, Director of Education at the Global Young Asian Entrepreneurs Network, Lead for the Circle of Young Intrapreneurs, a charity Trustee and strategic adviser for the community interest company, Seek for Change.

About Mind Fit Ltd:

Mind Fit develop Can-Do attitudes with winning minds. Mind Fit programmes focus on people and performance, so they can be the best they can be wherever they operate - school, business, sports, social or life. Growth comes from eliminating the business disease called Behavioural Waste™, and developing Reality-Driven Leaders.

Mind Fit is at the leading edge of positive psychology with a simple model and approach - Mind Fit - based on focused Natural Learning™, which is used by the very best performers in the world. Their unique process, Learned Powerfulness®, is scientifically sound, business focused, practical and sustainable.

Contact information:

Neville Gaunt: 0207 148 6187
Sally Eaves: 07973 492361