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Charity celebrates 20th anniversary - book launch & events in LDN Awareness Week

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Charity to celebrate 20thanniversary with book launch, virtual conference & awareness week


Key dates for your diary:

LDN Awareness Week(created and run by The LDN Research Trust): 17-23 June 2024.


New Horizons 20thanniversary editionbooklaunch online for global access: 17thJune 2024.


A book on a tableDescription automatically generatedLDNConference: 18 hours of presentations from the leading medical experts worldwide about the application of LDN for treatment of myriad illnesses including ME, MS, Long Covid, Cancer, Depression, Mold, Lyme Disease and more: 17-23 June 2024.


Cancer Survivor's Day: 2 June 2024


Men's Health Awareness Week: 10-16 June 2024


Research Appreciation Day: 1 July 2024


Mold Awareness Month: September 2024


London, United Kingdom, 30thMay 2024: The LDN Research Trust, basedin the UK but with a global reach and the largest proportion of its members in North America, will celebrate its 20thanniversary with a series of events next month including:


LDN Awareness Week: 17-23 June 2024:


New Horizons, 20thAnniversary Edition Book Launch Online, 17thJune 4pm BST/11am EST: by The LDN Research Trust and Belmar Pharmacy.


LDN Research Trust Virtual Conference 2024:


The LDN Trust (a non-profit registered charity) has helped more than 100,000 people globally obtain LDN from a GP or consultant, either through the National Health Service or by private prescription.


The charity campaigns for clinical trials of LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) to be initiated for autoimmune diseases and cancers. By raising awareness of LDN and funding clinical trials that will be published for the benefit of the public, the charity hopes to achieve its ultimate goal of everyone who would be helped by LDN, to be able to easily access a prescription.



20 top tips for the 20thanniversary of

The LDN Research Trust


Founder of The LDN Trust, Linda Elsegood, offers 20 top tips regarding LDN to mark the 20thanniversary:


1. Make sure you download and read the 2024 Guides:

2. Beware of false and misleading information online. Always make sure what you read is from a reputable source backed up by science - ask The LDN Research Trust if you're unsure.

3. Use a reputable pharmacy. Not all are equal, so check if they do 3rd-party testing.

4. Read other people's stories and experiences to understand the whole picture.

5. LDN has a proven track record and has been effectively used for 39 years to treat autoimmune diseases. Our 20thanniversary book, New Horizons, shares

testimonials from Prescribers, Pharmacists, and Patients, further attesting to its reliability.

6. LDN is used off-label for various medical conditions, including autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, and mental health disorders.

7. The starting dosage for LDN is usually 0.5mg to 1.5mg daily.

8. LDN can cause mild side effects, including insomnia, vivid dreams, upset stomach and headaches. Most side effects of LDN are mild and go away after a few days.

9. LDN can take several weeks to months to show effectiveness for some conditions.

10. Consult with LDN literate prescribers and pharmacists for the optimum results.

11. Quite often people don't realise how much LDN has helped them until they come off it, the results can be subtle over time for some, or seemingly fast and miraculous for others.

12. Bear in mind that some side effects don't come from naltrexone at all but from the fillers, you can ask your compounding pharmacist for different fillers.

13. It takes time to find your ideal dose, your ‘sweet spot'. It's not necessary to reach 4.5 mg, which is the most common maintenance dose, some people feel better on less, some on more.

14. Understand that we are all individual in our lifestyles, ailments, the length of time we've been ill and how we've been medicated - everyone is unique - so commit to being consistent with LDN and finding that sweet spot.

15. Your healthcare provider may not know the benefits of LDN and will possibly be negative about it - educate your doctor and stick to your guns on trying to help yourself.

16. Low dose naltrexone is highly likely to be the least toxic of all the drugs you may be on. There are no long-term persistent side effects to LDN.

17. Studies have proven that many people have been able to reduce their prescribed medication after starting LDN.

18. LDN can also be used on pets for the same autoimmune diseases that we suffer from.

19. LDN must be compounded and fast release, not sustained release.

20. LDN has worked for thousands of people who have suffered decades of illness which was untouched by standard prescribed drugs.


Notes to editors:


For media access to the book launch on 17thJune and/or the virtual 2024 conference please get in


We can send you a digital or hardback copy of the 20thanniversary edition book, New Horizons.


For case studies and interviews with medical experts or patients who have been successfully treated for myriad conditions by LDN, please get in touch so we can connect you with the charity.


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