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UK's first water jetting expo to showcase sector success


12| 06 | 2024

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New trade show will spotlight growing importance of jetting industry

A new trade show dedicated to the industrial and commercial applications of water jetting is to be held in London in September.

The Water Jetting Association, the member organisation for the water jetting industry in the UK, is organising the free-to-attend event at the StoneX Stadium, North West London, on 12thSeptember 2024.

The WJA Trade Show has already captured significant interest with almost all the exhibition stands available already snapped up.

There will be a strong international representation, with companies from the USA, Germany, Holland and Sweden joining British exhibitors at the event.

Water jetting has become a vital technique widely used for pressure washing and industrial cleaning, surface preparation, hydrodemolition, materials cutting and in the water industry for drain and sewer unblocking.

Industries that rely heavily on water jetting include drainage, maritime maintenance and construction - plus petrochemicals, oil and gas exploration, process manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals for production pipe, tank and process vessel cleaning.

WJA Director Leanne Smith said: "The water jetting industry is developing rapidly, so we believe now is the time for a trade show dedicated to its growing number of service suppliers, many of them WJA members, and customers.

"This is an important opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their capabilities and shape the future of our industry.

"We're very pleased with the response, and have more enquiries coming in from prospective exhibitors all the time. We've opened online bookings for free tickets and take-up is strong.

"We've made this a free-to-attend event so as many interested people as possible can come along and see the advantages of water jetting, and how important it is to use the technology safely."

WJA committee member Lee O'Callaghan, one of the event organisers, said: "An exciting range of exhibitors are already booked to attend from the UK and overseas.

"The WJA Trade Show will be the place to see the latest developments in water jetting in all its forms, from pressure washing up to ultra-high pressure jetting, and all its applications.

"It will also be an opportunity for industry professionals to come together and discuss key issues influencing our industry and the WJA will host presentations about our work, especially on water jetting safety."

The WJA Trade Show is being supported by four sponsors - training provider Water Jet Training, pump and equipment manufacturer Flowplant, equipment manufacturer Aquajet UK, and equipment rental and sales specialist Doornbos UK.

Doornbos UK Managing Director James McCullagh said: "Until now, there's been no show that displays the vital contribution water jetting makes to the industrial cleaning, surface preparation, demolition and materials cutting sectors.

"The WJA Trade Show is a perfect opportunity for service users and organisations with an interest in our industry to find out more about what's at the cutting edge of water jetting."

The wide range of exhibitors already booked in reflects how water jetting has become integral to maintenance processes across many industrial and commercial sectors.

High and ultra-high pressure jetting, at pressures up to and beyond 1,700 bar (25,000 pounds per square inch), are vital to tube, pipe and vessel cleaning in the petrochemicals industries, and hydrodemolition.

High pressure techniques, up to 608 bar (10,000 psi) are essential for cleaning drains and sewers. While low pressure water jetting, up to 207 bar (3,000 psi), also referred to as pressure washing, is used to clean cars and remove graffiti from walls.

Founded in 1980, the WJA is one of the world's leading water jetting trade associations. Members include contractors, equipment manufacturers, equipment suppliers and hire specialists, training providers, and water jetting service users.

Its three water jetting codes of practice and the City & Guilds water jetting training programme they underpin are recognised in the UK and internationally for setting clear standards for safety and service quality.

Meanwhile, the WJA Water Jetting Injury Treatment Algorithm, based on academic research by leading doctors, is the world's first best practice guide for treating water jet injuries, from first response to post-treatment recovery.

Get free tickets or become an exhibitor

To book free tickets to attend the event or enquire about taking one of the few remaining stands, go to:

Or call the WJA: +44 (0) 208 320 1090.



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About the Water Jetting Association

The Water Jetting Association (WJA) is a UK-based trade organisation for the water jetting industry with members that include contractors, manufacturers, equipment sellers, hire specialists, training providers and industry stakeholders.

It is committed to supporting the highest possible safety and technical standards for water jetting, including ultra-high-pressure water jetting, high pressure water jetting, pressure washing, and drain and sewer cleaning.

The WJA maintains two water jetting codes of practice - the ‘Blue Code' for high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure water jetting, and the ‘Red Code' for water jetting in drains and sewers and surface preparation with a jetting gun up to 275 bar that an operative can comfortably control.

The WJA provides water jetting coaching and examination, accredited by City & Guilds, delivered by WJA registered examination/coaching providers and WJA approved coach/examiners in the UK and internationally.

Water Jetting Association:The Engine House, Veridion Way, Erith, Kent. DA18 4AL. Tel: +44 (0)208 320 1090